Top Pedestrian Priority Segments

What’s New?

  • The Top Pedestrian Priority Segments was approved on January 12, 2012 (PDF; 26mb)


The Top Pedestrian Priority Segments analysis develops a process to more wisely spend our limited non-motorized transportation funding.  It demarcates the twenty top pedestrian corridors regionally using a GIS analysis of a road segment’s ability to generate pedestrian activity and safety data.  The study also identifies the chief walkability concerns in those places.  Cost estimates are included, along with a path forward for implementation.

Fourth Street in Wilmington is our most dangerous segment of road for pedestrians.

Final Report

  • Top Pedestrian Priority Segments, Final Report, January 2012 (PDF; 26mb)


Field Survey Map

Please contact Bill Swiatek (x113 or if you would like more information about this effort.

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