Demographic Projections

WILMAPCO Demographic Projections – 2014 Series


Below are links to the latest Population, Household and Employment projections by Traffic Analysis Zone (TAZ) for New Castle and Cecil County. These projections were adopted by WILMAPCO Council on July 10, 2014. Projections cover the time period from 2010 to 2040.


Countywide Projection Data Downloads (2014 Series)


Cecil County TAZ Projections
(Excel Spreadsheet)
New Castle County TAZ Projections
(Excel Spreadsheet)
Cecil County TAZ Projections
GIS Shapefile (Zipped)
New Castle County TAZ Projections
GIS Shapefile (Zipped)
Cecil County Projections
by Election District (PDF)
New Castle County Projections
by Planning District (PDF)
Cecil County TAZ Map (PDF) New Castle County TAZ Map (PDF)

Key to Employment Sector Data (both counties)
Note: The 2-digit number following the field name denotes the year of the data. (i.e. 10= year 2010)


Field Definition
CNTY_NM County
HH_10 Total Occupied Households
POP_10 Total Population
GQ_POP_10 Group Quarter Population
GQ_TYP_10 Group Quarter Type (School, prison, other)
HPOP_10 Total Population living in Households
TVEH_10 Total Vehicles
TWRK_10 Total Workers
TINC_10 Median HH Income
Over65_10 Percentage of 65+ Population
SOV_10 Percentage of Workers that drive to work
Pool_10 Percentage of Workers that carpool to work
Trans_10 Percentage of Workers that use transit to work
WK_BK_10 Percentage of Workers that walk/bike to work
Home_10 Percentage of Workers that work at home
NATRES_10 Natural Resources
CONS_10 Construction
MANU_10 Manufacturing
RET_WHL_10 Wholesale/Retail
TRN_UTL_10 Transportation & Utilities
INFO_10 Information
FINANCE_10 Finance
PRO_BUS_10 Professional & Business Services
ED_HEALT_10 Education and Health Services
LE_HOSP_10 Leisure and Hospitality
OT_SVCS_10 Other Services
PUBADM_10 Public Administration
TOT_EMP_10 Total Employment
ENON_RET10 Total non-retail employment (Eastern shore counties)

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