What is Wilmington Initiatives?

The Wilmington Initiatives projects are designed to promote a balanced transportation system by incorporating improvements to all modes of circulation. Projects work to enhance livability in Wilmington by making better connections between development, transportation, and public spaces. .  Because of our efforts, circulation in Wilmington continues to improve with the implementation of sound transportation and quality of life enhancements. Wilmington Initiatives projects, The Wilmington Initiative projects, totaling $45 million, are possible due to the continued efforts of a multi-agency partnership between the City of Wilmington, Delaware Department of Transportation (DelDOT), Delaware Transit Corporation (DTC, operating as DART First State), and WILMAPCO.


 Wilmington Initiatives Objectives:

  • To provide a well-balanced transportation system for local and regional access, including walking, bicycling, transit, and private vehicles
  • To promote economic development related to community objectives
  • To improve the visual quality of the corridors for residents, workers and visitors in keeping with community character
  • To enhance safety for all modes of travel and environmental quality within the corridors
  • To support coherent and viable neighborhoods in sync with other community goals


Project Examples:

  • Creation of the Wilmington Riverwalk
  • Establishing a Brandywine Rail to Trail
  • Renovation of the B&O Rail Station and the Wilmington Transit Center
  • Redesign Market Street
  • Streetscaping for numerous streets, roads and boulevards
  • Providing connector roads to improve Riverfront access

Whats New

Other projects:

  • 9th Street Enhancements, Phase 2
  • Brandywine South Pedestrian Improvements
  • Concord Avenue Streetscape, Phase 2
  • Old Brandywine Village Streetscape
  • Southbridge Streetscape, Phase 2
  • Walnut Street Pedestrian and Streetscape Improvements
  • Two-Way King Street
  • I-95 Viaduct Improvements
  • Garasches Lane/A Street Improvements


Christiana River Bridge Crossing Project:

This project proposes a new multi-modal crossing over the Christina River in order to add another access point to Wilmington Riverfront attractions and to improve access to US 13, I-495 and I-95. The project includes the bridge approaches and connections to the existing street grid. The presentation will include the alternative bridge locations under consideration, as well as the traffic modeling and analysis for the project.

Please visit DelDOT’s Christina River Bridge Crossing project website for more information and future updates:  www.deldot.gov/information/projects/crb/


Wilmington’s Transportation Enhancement (TE) Projects:

DelDOT and local programs provide the funding needed to support the TE program, which emphasizes the development and implementation of a variety of projects that highlight cultural, aesthetic, and environmental aspects of the transportation system. Information will be available for the following TAP projects in Wilmington:

  • 9th Street Enhancements, Phase II
  • 11th Street Enhancements
  • Brandywine South Pedestrian & Trail Improvements
  • City of Wilmington Bicycle Improvements
  • Concord Avenue Streetscape Improvements, Phase II
  • Old Brandywine Village Streetscape Improvements
  • Southbridge Streetscape Improvements, Phase II


Concord Avenue Streetscape Improvements


South Wilmington Wetland Restoration and Conservation Project

A wetland park is being designed in South Wilmington.  This $23.9 million project will create a high functioning wetland to handle excess stormwater runoff.  The project, designed with the  support of the Southbrige Civic Association,  promises to reduce chronic flooding in the Southbridge neighborhood, provide new green space and recreational opportunities, spur economic and housing development, and restore damaged natural habitat.  In addition, the project will create important transportation connections between Southbridge and the Riverfront – including new streets and a walking and bicycling trail. The new wetland park will be located in an existing wetland east of Walnut Street.

If you would like more information about this project please contact:


Leah Kacanda, City of Wilmington Planning Department
(302) 571–3104


Other Studies

  • Pedestrian and Transit Corridor Enhancements to King and Orange Streets, Draft Design, 1999 (PDF  38mb)


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For more information about any of the Wilmington Initiative Projects, please contact Dave Gula at dgula@wilmapco.org or (302) 737-6205.