Walkable Community Workshops

What is a Walkable Community Workshop

Walkable neighborhoods and communities are vibrant and livable places that give their residents safe and active transportation choices.  Increased walkability helps to improve safety, physical fitness and social interaction, and enhances overall quality of life.

Walkable Community Workshops are interactive events that bring together residents, elected officials, advocates, public agency staff, public health practitioners, educators, planners and engineers to focus attention on making your community safer and easier to walk in. Workshops will provide information on how we can turn our communities into the kind of pedestrian friendly places we all like to experience.

More about the Workshops

Why get involved in the Walkable Community Workshop? By participating in our program, you will have the opportunity to identify real-world problems and come up with practical solutions for your community. Through our workshop, you will gain the necessary tools to advocate for a safer, more pedestrian-friendly environment.
Where do the workshops take place? Any city, town, unincorporated community or corridor where people want a safer, more attractive route for walking.
What happens at a workshop? During this program, participants will gain insight into the essential elements of a walkable community and learn how to address common challenges. Following an educational presentation about the tools for a more pedestrian-friendly community, instructors will lead a walking tour of the study area, emphasizing the significance of seeing the community from a pedestrian’s perspective. Participants will map out specific strategies to improve pedestrian conditions and identify the most critical steps they can take to promote a more walkable community. Workshops typically last three to four hours.
Who leads the workshop? Our team of WILMAPCO staff, who have extensive experience in bicycle and pedestrian planning, will be leading the workshops. Additionally, we will collaborate with you to engage experts from varied backgrounds and fields of work, spanning planning, transportation engineering, land use, and public health.
How to apply? If you or your community would like to participate in this unique and exciting program, click here complete the application form. If you have questions, please contact Dawn Voss at dvoss@wilmapco.org or (302) 737-6205, Ext# 111.
Workshop Cost? Free!


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