The Wilmington Area Planning Council (WILMAPCO) is the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) for New Castle County, DE and Cecil County, MD. We are responsible for planning, financing, and coordinating the development of the best transportation system (think railways, highways, biking and walking paths) for the region. Each day we work alongside communities and stakeholders to develop plans, projects, priorities and policies. We track project financing, measure the system’s performance, and analyze transportation’s impact on people, land, air, climate, the economy and more.  Check out the videos below to learn more about WILMAPCO and what an MPO is or to learn more about how planning can make walking and bicycling safer. 

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We need your help to make great transportation plans. YOU are an expert when it comes to your local community, so we want to hear from you. Get involved with a local or regional WILMAPCO planning effort, let us know what you think of different planned projects, or just drop us a line to tell us your ideas.  For more information on how your great idea can become a transportation project, check out the following video.

Click on the graphic to view “How an Idea Becomes a Transportation Project”.

If you have trouble speaking or reading English, don’t worry. WILMAPCO will provide a professional oral interpretation of any document, meeting, or survey in any language that we can. The interpreter will explain the contents and then collect your thoughts. For meetings, we just ask you give us 10 days’ notice to ensure that an interpreter can be present. WILMAPCO will also provide a written translation of our plans into Spanish or Chinese if requested.