Regional Transportation Plan (RTP)


Every four years, MPOs must update their long-range transportation plan with at least a 20 year planning horizon.  This long-range plan must be financially reasonable and conform to air-quality standards. Significantly, no transportation projects in the region may be funded with federal money unless the projects are found in an approved long-range transportation plan.  Our long-range plan is called the Regional Transportation Plan, or RTP.


2040 RTP: 2015 Update

WILMAPCO  adopted the 2040 RTP: 2015  Update  in January 2015.   Federal approval of the RTP  is expected in April 2015.  You can review the document in PDF format below. The 2040 RTP was unveiled at WILMAPCO’s Our Town Event.  Our Town provided the opportunity for stakeholders and  residents to learn about the RTP update, and share ideas.

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