Public Participation Plan


Public participation is a long standing attribute of the planning process.  WILMAPCO must elicit from both stakeholders and the general public their opinion on the goals and objectives of the Regional Transportation Plan, their perspective on the transportation needs of various groups, and their view on investment strategies.  We are also asked to reach out to people who are traditionally underserved by transportation projects, such as low-income and minority households.


To ensure that we are meeting the spirit of the law, we have created a Public Participation Plan (PPP). This document provides an overview of how we ensure that the public is involved in this process.  The three overarching goals for the Plan are:

  • Widely disseminated, clear, complete, and timely information to the residents, affected agencies, and interested parties.
  • Create an open and ongoing two-way public involvement process that ensures full resident, agency, and interested party participation in, and input into, regional transportation planning.
  • Achieve early and continuous involvement of the public in development of transportation plans, projects, and programs.


To view WILMAPCO’s Public Participation Plan, please CLICK HERE.


Public Participation Plan Evaluation

Periodically the Public Participation Plan undergoes an evaluation of its public participation activities and initiatives.  The PPP is then revised or amended to enhance public participation in the transportation planning process.