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Current Conditions

Numerous people bicycle in Newark for both recreation and to shopping, jobs and school. According to the 1990 Census, almost 500 Newark employees bike to work (and 2370 walk to work).

The City has many attractive neighborhood streets with light traffic that are idea for cycling.

Also, many roads throughout Newark have striped bicycle lanes, which provide travel routes for more experienced cyclists.

The University of Delaware campus has good conditions for bicycling and ample parking.

The City and the Newark Bicycle Committee are working on several exciting off road facilities. The “Hall Trail” is currently in design and is funded for construction. This trail for bicyclists and pedestrians, adjacent to the Amtrak corridor, will link residents in old Newark and Devon/Binns to train stations, parks, and the Delaware Technology Park. The Hall Trail may later become part of the East Coast Greenway, a multimodal pathway linking towns and cities from Maine to Florida.

The Pomeroy line route has been partially built through the University Courtyard Apartments and the City is seeking funds to connect this with Main Street and the Hall Trail.