City of New Castle Transportation Plan – 1999

Historically, the City of New Castle has evolved through careful planning and design, with interconnected streets, walkable neighborhoods, a town center, open spaces and a mix of land uses. However, the City’s high quality of life has been threatened by recent regional growth that has led to a variety of transportation problems. In response, the City of New Castle and WILMAPCO have adopted a transportation plan in 1999 to soften the impact of through traffic, ease downtown parking shortages, and enhance pedestrian and bicycling facilities in the City.

Download the City of New Castle Transportation Plan: New Castle Transportation Plan

Plan recommendations include:

Route 9 Reconstruction

  • Reconstruct Ferry Cutoff as 4 lanes
  • Rebuild Delaware/Route 9 intersection
  • Rebuild 6th Street/Chestnut/Route 9 intersection w/ signal
  • Traffic calm/rebuild 7th Street
  • Introduce new intersection on Route 9 at new entrance to the Chicago Bridge and Iron Site w/ signal if warranted
  • Rebuild 3rd Street/Route 9 intersection
  • Rebuild Moores Lane/Route 9 intersection with signal
  • Rebuild 7th/Washington intersection with signal if warranted

Pedestrian Improvements

  • Reconstruct Ferry Cutoff with Pedestrian improvements
  • Complete citywide shared sidewalk rehab program
  • Begin enforcing maintenance standards

Bicycles and Trails

  • Reconstruct Ferry Cutoff with Bicycle improvements
  • Construct East Coast Greenway Route within study area
  • Build East Coast Greenway/Downtown connection
  • Designate safe, signed on-street routes
  • Rebuild trail to South Route 9 and Dobbinsville

Traffic Calming

  • Implement traffic calming devices on 7th Street and other areas as needed such as Washington Street, Moores Lane, 6th Street


  • Fund resident parking permit program
  • Pave and restripe 3rd Street Turnaround parking area
  • Expand South Street parking area
  • Implement citywide way-finding program to illustrate available parking at end of 3rd Street
  • Create/Expand trailhead parking facility on South Route 9
  • Construct new distributed lots as needed


  • Continue to improve north-south travel capacity within the County, including premium public transit in the form of fixed guideway transit or river ferry service
  • Encourage New Castle County to develop transit accommodating land development regulations
  • Implement DelDOT Transportation Enhancement improvements at Route 9 and Delaware Street
  • Implement ITMS on Route 13
  • Enforce inappropriate truck traffic crossing bridges south of New Castle on Route 9
  • Study Roadway signing issues relating to use of Route 9 as alternative to Route 13

Land Development/Redevelopment Policy

  • Establish sidewalk maintenance standards
  • Initiate incentive/shared rehab program
  • Expand aesthetic standards throughout City
  • Develop transit accommodating design standards