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The Route 9 Corridor Master Plan has been endorsed by the WILMAPCO Council in May 2017. Click the cover image below to view the low resolution version (15mb) or view the high resolution version here (122mb).


Monitoring Committee


The Monitoring Committee is responsible for assisting with implementation of the study.  The committee includes the following (all invited):


Meetings and Workshops


Monitoring Committee, November 2, 2017: Packet, DelDOT Presentation, Draft Route 9 Transportation Project Prioritization
Monitoring Committee, September 7, 2017: Packet, Notes


Note: Prior to May 2016 the Steering  Committee was comprised of two separate bodies  –  an advisory  committee and a management committee.


Steering Committee, April 27, 2017: Packet, Notes
All Civics Meeting, April 26, 2017: 3/21/2017 Draft (low resolution – 15mb)
Steering Committee, February 21, 2017: PacketEden Park Air Quality Study (DNREC Presentation)
WILMAPCO Council Meeting, January 12, 2017: Presentation (13mb)
Second Public Workshop, November 29, 2016: Presentation (10mb), Boards (90mb)
DE HEAL Environment and Policy Committee, November 15, 2016: Presentation
Steering Committee, November 3, 2016: NotesPacket, Presentation
Steering Committee, September 15, 2016: NotesPacketPresentation
All Civics Meeting, July 27, 2016: Presentation
Steering Committee, June 9, 2016: NotesPacket, Revised Advisory Committee MinutesPresentation
First Public Workshop, May 24, 2016: Presentation (8mb)
Advisory Committee, April 14, 2016: Packet, Presentation
Management Committee, April 14, 2016: NotesPacket, Presentation
Advisory Committee, February 23, 2016: NotesPacketPresentation (17mb)
Management Committee, February 23, 2016: NotesPacket (166mb)Presentation (37mb)
Management Committee, January 13, 2016: NotesPacket (127mb)Presentation
Management Committee,  September 29, 2015:  Notes, Packet

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Study Components




Interactive Summer Outreach Map

interactive_outreach_mapWhen reaching out to residents and business owners at events and community centers, we invited people to share what neighborhoods they live or work in. This interactive map shows which neighborhoods were represented at each outreach event. To view points for each event separately, use the checkboxes on the left side of the screen.

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