Impact/Benefit Analysis of Truck Access Improvements in the Port of Wilmington Area


About the Study

In partnership with DelDOT, this project is seeking to  evaluate and recommend a series of possible improvements in and around the Port of Wilmington area in an effort to improve truck circulation. The recent completion of the SR 9 Corridor Master Plan, several expansion proposals for the Port of Wilmington and other studies such as the 2008 Southbridge Circulation Study and 2028 Wilmington Comp Plan have generated several proposed improvements which are in need of further evaluation. This effort would look to serve as the technical analysis to analyze these ideas with a land use and transportation model-based approach.

Study Area

Port Alternatives Study Area The study will review several existing possible roadway improvements that have been proposed by recent plans and evaluate them based on their effectiveness in addressing the needs of the community and businesses in the area around the Port. 

A working group of an estimated 15-20 individuals representing the local community, elected officials as well as businesses and institutional entities is planned to be formed to guide the study.

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