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Plan Public Outreach 

Public outreach for this project will be conducted over the course of the development of the plan, including elected officials (state and local), members of the business and development community, community and civic leaders, environmental advocates, and other institutional leaders, and one-one-one and small group interviews.

Recent Events: The second workshop was held on Wednesday, February 21, 2024. For those who would like to still provide feedback, please fill out our workshop survey or map out your concerns via our Wikimap feature.

  Outreach/Meeting Dates Meeting/Workshop Materials  Other Materials
DE State Chamber of Commerce 3/27/24
Workshop #2: Scenario Planning
2/21/24 @ Cranston Heights
Fire Company 4-7pm
Kirkwood Highway Advisory Committee Meeting #1:  1/29/24  
WILMAPCO Council 1/11/24
 Workshop #1: Visioning
12/11/23 @ Cranston Heights
Fire Company 4-7pm


About the Plan

The purpose of the Kirkwood Highway Land Use and Transportation Plan is to create an attractive and cohesive plan for the Kirkwood Highway (Route 2) corridor that will integrate land use and transportation in a manner that will accommodate future economic growth along the corridor and position existing businesses to be competitive as changes to the retail business models occur.

The Master Plan will address near-term and long-range solutions and policies with an emphasis on strengthening alternative travel modes and options, travel demand management, integration of coordinated multimodal transportation and land use planning, and promoting more sustainable patterns of development, while maintaining and enhancing existing neighborhood vitality. This master plan will be conducted in partnership with New Castle County Land Use, DelDOT, DTC and key stakeholders.

If you’d like to stay engaged with the Plan, sign up for updates below.  If you have any questions, contact Dave Gula at: dgula@wilmapco.org