Elkton Bicycle Plan


One key to Elkton’s growth and development is its location along major transportation routes.  Although these routes are largely traversed by automobile, opportunities to enhance multi-modal transportation options are available, including improved pedestrian and bicycle linkages.  The Elkton Bicycle Plan serves to improve quality of life for Town residents and visitors by expanding the existing transportation system to include safe and convenient choices for bicycle commuting and recreation.

The Plan introduces a proposed coordinated bicycle network, which will connect residents with surrounding neighborhoods, the downtown central business district, and other key destinations, along with improvements for bike facilities such as bike racks and signage.  The Elkton Bicycle Plan was developed with the participation of an advisory committee comprised of Town, County and State officials, and the general public.

The Elkton Bicycle Plan includes:

  • Recommendations for a coordinated bicycle network
  • Improved links to other modes of transportation
  • Provisions for bicycle facilities and safety measures
  • A plan for implementation


Public Outreach

Identifying the Network

As part of the development of this Plan, the concerns and ideas from cyclists were sought out to help improve conditions for biking in and around Elkton. We asked that cyclists fill out a Field Worksheet and/ or map the route (and any obstacles) that they take in and around Town. This input was used to help identify improvements that could be made along bike routes that are traversed daily, and will be used to better prioritize corridors for improvements.


For more information about the Elkton Bicycle Plan, or if you would like to join the Bicycle Advisory Committee, please contact us!

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