Union Street Reconfiguration and Streetscape Improvement Study

Whats New

WILMAPCO, Delaware Department of Transportation (DelDOT), and the City of Wilmington have begun a study to examine how to reconfigure reconfiguration and improve the safety of the Union Street corridor between Pennsylvania Avenue and Sycamore Street in the City of Wilmington. Located on the west side of Wilmington, Union Street serves as an important transportation corridor, serving the local residential and business community while facilitating connectivity to the surrounding region. Union Street is a oneway, southbound street that is paired with Lincoln Street (one-way, northbound) to the east as main thoroughfares for the Bancroft Parkway/Delaware Avenue, West Side, Southwest, and Browntown-Hedgeville Neighborhood Analysis Areas, and serving the Canby Park, the Flats, Union Park Gardens and Little Italy neighborhoods.


Goals of the Study

This study will result in a preferred roadway configuration to support future land use and transportation needs of Union Street as a “Main Street Corridor” in the City of Wilmington.  Located in a Center Transportation Investment Area, this project will complement DelDOT’s Pennsylvania Avenue/Union Street Intersection Safety Project (see below) and serves to improve and expand upon work originally initiated through DelDOT’s FY 2018 Union Street Rapid Reconfiguration project.

This study will take into consideration the needs of residents, commercial and business interests, commuters, and others using the corridor. Design alternatives will address lane arrangement, parking location and configuration, loading provisions, sidewalk improvements and streetscape enhancements. A traffic analysis will be also be completed to collect existing data and evaluate the proposed concept alternatives. Throughout this study, extensive community outreach will be conducted.


Union Street and Pennsylvania Avenue Intersection Safety Project

Three concepts for improvements to the safety of the intersection at Union Street and Pennsylvania Avenue were presented during a public workshop attended by more then 70 people in January 2019.    These options have been developed to achieve a number of goals:

  • Improve pedestrian safety and the accessibility of sidewalks
  • Improve accessibility of transit stops
  • Improve connectivity for bicyclists
  • Address the impact of the proposed development at 2000 Pennsylvania Avenue
  • Evaluate current and proposed conditions for vehicular traffic

By addressing these goals, the City intends to create a fully connected, accessible, and welcoming pedestrian environment, while also improving safety for all modes of travel. These improvements will provide safer access to destinations along Pennsylvania Avenue as well as Little Italy and other nearby neighborhoods. This is a conceptual study. Once an alternative is selected funding must be identified, and design plans prepared, before construction can begin. We don’t know how long that will take, but we will continue to keep the public updated as the project progresses.

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