Delaware Statewide Truck Parking Study


About the Study

The purpose of this study is to develop a Statewide Truck Parking Study to support the advancement of priority solutions that improve truck parking statewide. Availability of reliable truck parking is a constant concern for transportation agencies across the nation. Coupled with other regulatory constraints truckers experience results in drivers making difficult decisions which can result in being parked in unsafe or unreliable locations.  Delaware has a dynamic range of industries which rely on the trucking industry to provide efficient movement of goods. It ranges from global port facilities, chemical and agricultural industries and major seasonal tourist  destinations. Each of these has their own logistical needs set by the type of goods and their time sensitivity to delivery.

This study is geared to have a two-part approach. First, the study needs to address the requirements set by MAP-21 for addressing truck parking along the interstate system. Secondly, the purpose of the study is to go beyond those requirements and look to address more localized, shorter-term truck parking and staging within the State of Delaware.  Additional focus of this effort will be regular engagement with the local trucking community. Their local knowledge can help verify the technical data review portion of the study and help with future strategies and recommendations.

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