Sea-level Rise Vulnerability Assessment 


WILMAPCO has completed a regional sea-level rise (SLR) transportation vulnerability assessment (PDF – 17mb), in coordination with wider efforts in Maryland and Delaware.  The assessment, one of the first from a Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO), profiles existing and planned transportation infrastructure and projects which risk inundation, both regionally and locally.  A Steering Committee comprised of local transportation and environmental planners, SLR experts, and interested residents guided the project.

Flooding along SR 9 (Peggy Schultz)

Steering Committee Meetings


  • 2012 APA Conference 4.14.12 (PDF – 17mb)
  • TAC Meeting, 5.19.11  (PDF – 15mb)

Final Report

  • SLR Transportation Vulnerability Assessment (PDF – 17mb – 7.14.11)

For more info, contact Bill Swiatek:; 302-737-6205 x113