Route 9 Residential History

DelDOT and the University of Delaware’s Center for Historic Architecture and Design (CHAD) are studying the history and residential experience of the Route 9 corridor after World War II (1945-1985). The Route 9 Monitoring Committee will use this information as a reference as while implementing the Route 9 Master Plan, which sets out the future vision for the area. It is our hope is to also circulate this history and its stories within the community, and to consider using this work to advance the area’s historic recognition.

This draft report was written based on historical sources such as newspaper stories, government documents, local histories, and recollections from long-time residents, which were compiled into this document: Development of Residential Subdivisions along the Route 9/New Castle Avenue Corridor, 1945-1970 +/-: A Historic and Architectural Context (

This document is a working draft, and DelDOT and CHAD are seeking the Route 9 community’s input in its finalization, and guidance on the communication of its findings. A second phase of the project, which is ongoing, will be the recording of oral histories from long-time residents.

Please share your thoughts about this report by emailing Kelly Valencik, Planner, DelDOT at   

When sharing thoughts or concerns you have about the draft report, please use these questions as prompts:

  1. Do you have any feedback on the history of any of the neighborhoods in the report? Is there anything missing that is significant to your experience living in this area?
  2. Do you have photos from any of these neighborhoods you would be willing to share for use in this project?
  3. Would you (or someone you know) like to participate in the oral history project?  (We are mostly looking for people with memories from the 1950s, 60s, and 70s).
  4. Besides circulating this report, what other methods might be effective for sharing this information (ie, public lectures, printed booklet, digital exhibit, interpretive signage, online videos, etc).