Planning for all cyclists

A challenge in developing any bicycle plan is defining who you are planning for. For this plan, we are trying to address the needs of all Newark cyclists regardless of age or level of bicycling comfort and expertise.

Class A

Are experienced riders, they understand the “rules of the road” and are comfortable riding on the road with traffic.

Class B

Are adult riders who are less familiar with proper cycling behavior and feel uncomfortable riding sharing the road with traffic or in narrow bike lanes. This class of riders is probably the most prevalent in Newark, as new students arrive each year, and need to be educated as to cycling etiquette. Also, bicycle lanes and off road facilities need to be designed to make these riders feel comfortable and signed to explain proper behavior.

Class C

Cyclists are children and other riders with special needs. These riders are not familiar with road rules and should ride off road. While young children should only ride supervised, off road bike paths and safe neighborhood streets give older children a way to go independently to school, parks or visit friends.

Other nonmotorized travel modes to consider include roller bladers and skate boards, both commonly used in Newark.