Other WILMAPCO Area Studies

Other WILMAPCO Area Studies


WILMAPCO works with community groups and local and state governments to coordinate transportation and land use planning activities through program development, area plans, and studies.


Churchmans Crossing – In April of 1997, the Churchmans Crossing Study document was published, providing a summary of the Churchmans Crossing Infrastructure Investment Study findings and recommendations, which were guided by the following principles:- Maintain a desirable quality of life for area residents while effectively meeting the transportation needs and accommodating approved / committed development.

– Closely monitor congestion levels.

– Intersection / roadway connection improvements are to be implemented to address safety concerns or to avoid an
unacceptable level of service, and will not be constructed prior to their need.


Greater Route 301– This project development effort will evaluate improvements from US Route 301 at the Maryland/Delaware border to the recently constructed SR 1, south of the C&D Canal, per the Greater Route 301 MIS recommendation.


Need for this project is founded in an existing roadway system that lacks capacity for current and future traffic volumes and that has had sections appear almost yearly on DelDOTs list of High Accident locations. Earlier studies, indicated below, have identified the lack of capacity and safety concerns on the existing roadway system in the project area. Continuing growth in the project area since those studies, in the forms of population, employment and dwelling units, has only added to the need to provide additional roadway capacity in the project area. This increased growth, without additional roadway capacity, places more vehicles on the same roadways every day, also increasing the potential for accidents to occur. Anticipated Completion Date:  April 2006.


Route 40 Corridor Improvements


Tyler McConnell Bridge (website temporary down)

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