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Significant population growth and demographic shifts, such as employment changes and an aging population, will impact the efficiency of our transportation system.  In the face of this, inter-regional planning and coordination becomes a high priority.  It promises the resolution of highway congestion, longer commute times, and increasing vehicle miles traveled, while allowing for seamless cross-border planning.


Accordingly, the WILMAPCO Planning at the Edge Advisory Committee (PEAC) began in 2000 as a cooperative regional transportation planning effort between Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania and New Jersey.  This group discussed region-wide issues regarding freight, commuting patterns, roadway improvements, Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) and security.


In 2004, WILMAPCO explored for the first time several facets of the transportation system within and beyond our regional boundaries.  The report, available in PDF format below, was designed to be a data oriented summary of demographic changes and travel characteristics for a twenty-eight county study area.  This report is updated periodically.  Most recently, the 2024 Inter-Regional Report was endorsed in May 2024.  This 2024 update provides current and projected travel and demographic trends from 2020 out to 2050.  Population, employment, commute patterns, volume to capacity ratios, freight volumes, transit services, and transportation equity were evaluated.  The report also includes an analysis of key corridors in the study area, as well as updates on inter-regional planning activities.


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