Delmarva Freight Corridors

While the overall multimodal freight transportation system is extensive, varied, and complex, it can also be grouped more simplistically as functioning in terms of key freight corridors. This perspective encompasses six key freight corridors that capture the majority of freight flows that enter, exit, pass through, or travel within the peninsula while also connecting most of the urbanized areas throughout the peninsula.

Building on details throughout this plan, including the previous summaries of freight trends, needs, issues, and scenario planning insights, closing efforts focus on a compilation of action planning elements that will help to support freight and goods movement opportunities and transportation systems throughout the Delmarva region.

A short list of project candidates having the potential to influence freight transportation was compiled in cooperation with input from the freight plan's project advisory group and with reference to the plan's various document reviews, stakeholder outreach efforts, and technical analyses. This list includes current anticipated project commitments, relevant project aspirations or unfunded needs from other planning documents, and additional needs as identified throughout the course of this freight plan.