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A draft of the Elkton Pedestrian Plan is now available for public review! Please submit any feedback to jthompson@wilmapco.org by Friday, June 29th. To view the draft, click on the cover image below.



Thank you to everyone who attended the Elkton Pedestrian Plan Public Workshop on Wednesday, January 17, 2018 in Elkton’s Town Hall.  Workshop display boards and draft recommendations for new sidewalks and road crossings are available in the links below.  To share your thoughts on needed improvements, please click here.



WILMAPCO is collaborating with the Town of Elkton and the Maryland State Highway Administration to develop the Elkton Pedestrian Plan. The Plan will build on years of planning work in Elkton, Maryland to identify necessary improvements to the town’s pedestrian network, in order to support making Elkton a more walkable community. Check back here for more details as the plan progresses!


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