Environmental Justice


What’s New?

  •  Download our 2015 TJ Report  PDF (6 mb)


Our Environmental Justice (EJ)  and Title VI initiatives seeks to identify and mitigate the transportation burdens low-income and minority groups carry.  It aims to direct spending into these communities, via our project prioritization process, to improve EJ  public participation, as well as to plan for and help guide the implementation of community-based transportation projects.


As an agency, we are committed to incorporating Title VI throughout our planning process.  Contracts with third-party firms, as well as our personnel manual, feature all federally-required non-discriminatory clauses and Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBE) assurances.


Our Transportation Justice (TJ) initiative goes beyond federal mandates, assessing the challenges faced by three other mobility-constrained populations: the elderly, the disabled, and zero-car households.


Report Downloads

  • 2015 Accessibility and Mobility Report: A  Transportation  Justice Study of the WILMAPCO Region
    –  Full Report (6 MB)
  • 2013 Transportation Equity Report: And Environmental Justice Study and Title VI Plan for the WILMAPCO Region
    –  Full Report (15 MB)
  • 2009 Transportation Equity Report: An Environmental Justice Study of the WILMAPCO Region
    –  Full Report (11 MB)
  • 2007 Accessibility and Mobility Report: A Transportation Justice Study of the WILMAPCO Region
    –  Full Report (3 MB)
  • 2003 Environmental Justice Report: Transportation Equity Analysis for the WILMAPCO Region
    Full Report (2 MB)

EJ Initiatives

WILMAPCO consistently strives to better incorporate Environmental Justice into all aspects of our planning process.  Perhaps most importantly is the strong incorporation of EJ and TJ into our project prioritization process.  Transportation projects that fall within EJ and TJ areas receive points within our technical scoring system, with the hope to streamline many towards implementation.


Southbridge community members point out transportation problems

Our ongoing involvement with the Wilmington neighborhood of Southbridge exemplifies our commitment to EJ.  Following the adoption of the South Wilmington Neighborhood Plan, we produced a Walkable Community Report and completed a Traffic Circulation Study to fully-develop the transportation goals of residents.  Today, we are working with the community and other agencies to implement the recommendations in the neighborhood’s circulation study.  Read more.