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MDSHA Congestion Assessment

2015 New Castle County Intersection Operations Analysis:

The 2014 Intersection Operations Analysis is an outgrowth of the CMP process. It focuses upon the arterial roadway network and analyzes the current performance of the signals along all arterial roadways in New Castle County according to the FHWA’s functional classification system. The goal of the analysis is to:

  • Produce a regional delay/capacity analysis for signalized intersections along the arterial network.
  • Identify which intersections have reached a point of limited capacity available to function efficiently.
  • Prioritize intersections which need capital improvement, minor adjustments, or can still be addressed through signal timing efforts.

Monitor the status and timing of any capital improvements scheduled along with the implementation of Traffic Responsive Signalization (TRS) technology to the identified corridors. This document is to serve as a way to update the decision-makers and members of the public on the progress that is being made.

Key Corridors
Identified in
Operations Analysis
1. Kirkwood

2. US 202
3. Cleveland
4. SR 896
5. Old Baltimore

6. SR 273
7. SR 72
8. US 40
9. SR 4
10. US 13
11. SR 141
12. SR 7