Claymont Transportation Initiatives

WILMAPCO works with community groups and local and state governments to coordinate transportation and land use planning activities through program development, area plans, and studies.

Claymont Train Station Improvement Plan

WILMAPCO is working with Claymont Renaissance Development Corporation (CRDC), Claymont Community Coalition, New Castle County Land Use Department, New Castle County Council, Claymont Historical Society, and DelDOT to improve the Claymont Train Station. Enhancements will be done in coordination with the Claymont Transportation Plan and the Claymont Community Redevelopment Plan.  The Station Improvement Plan recommends:

  • A new 4,000 square foot station building that includes climate control, a ticketing office, restrooms, and other amenities
  • A reconfigured separated bus drop off area, premier parking for carpool and carshare vehicles, and a new pedestrian walkway through the parking lot
  • Sidewalk and pedestrian lighting improvements to Myrtle Avenue
  • New 520 foot long high-level platforms with canopies for both inbound and outbound directions
  • A plaza with bicycle parking, landscaping, and station art
  • Expanded surface parking
  • Improved pedestrian access, improved bus movements, and a new climate controlled station building stocked with amenities.

The last of four public workshops for the Station Improvement Plan was held on June 25, 2008.  The workshop presented the final station design option that was selected by the community at previous workshops.  The Claymont Train Station Improvement Plan was also showcased and community endorsement for the Plan was received.  To view the display boards from the workshop or the presentation made to the CRDC that evening click the following links:

A Steering Committee meeting was held on Thursday May 4, 2006 at Archmere Academy

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