Connecting with the Ardens provides a long-term planning blueprint to enhance safety and mobility through the Ardens. The plan’s goals include managing vehicular traffic speeds, providing enhanced pedestrian crossings, developing a pedestrian/bicycle network to traverse the Ardens, and enhancing transit and school bus stops. The plan embraces the unique context of the Ardens and aims to enhance the quality of life and safety of all users that are Connecting with the Ardens.

A Monitoring Committee has been formed to guide implementation of the Plan. The group is scheduled to meet monthly, via Zoom, on the first Monday of each month at 1:30 PM.  Membership includes representatives from each Village, along with key implementing agencies such as DelDOT and DART.

For meeting links or to submit comments, email

Monitoring Committee Membership

Name Village/Agency Role
Gruswitz, Ben Ardencroft Town Chair
Raia, Chris Ardencroft Public Works Committee
Stigler, Tiffany Ardencroft Safety Committee
Parsonson, Melissa Ardentown Village Chair
Tanis, Mike Ardentown Public Works and Safety Committee
Riblett, Lisa Ardentown Trustee
Rees, Bethany Ardentown Public Works and Safety Committee
Colgan-Snyder, Garrett Arden Civic Committee
Politis, Pam Arden Community Planning Committee
Bovard, Brooke Arden Safety Committee
Hurley, Jennifer Arden Consultant
Bowers, Cooper DelDOT Transportation Planner III
Rogers, Matt NCC Planner III
Zegeye, Tigist WILMAPCO Executive Director
Thompson, Jake WILMAPCO Senior Planner
Swiatek, Bill WILMAPCO Principal Planner
Smith, Cathy DART Planning Manager
Williamson, Bill DART Planner
Willard, Collin UD IPA Grants Specialist


Meeting & Workshop Materials, Monitoring Committee, Steering Committee

This spreadsheet contains the following on separate tabs:

  • Materials for meetings and public workshops
  • List of Monitoring Committee members
  • List of Steering Committee members

Additional Reference Materials

Delaware Traffic Calming Design Manual

Informative videos:

Ardens Walkable Community Workshop – August 8, 2022