Connecting with the Ardens: A Transportation Plan was endorsed by the WILMAPCO Council on July 13, 2023.  Connecting with the Ardens provides a long-term planning blueprint to enhance safety and mobility through the Ardens.  The plan’s goals include managing vehicular traffic speeds, providing enhanced pedestrian crossings, developing a pedestrian/bicycle network to traverse the Ardens, and enhancing transit and school bus stops.  The plan embraces the unique context of the Ardens and aims to provide a vision and improvement plan that will enhance the quality of life and safety of all users that are Connecting with the Ardens.

Summary of Public Comments & Plan Edits (Appendix 12)

A summary of public comments and edits to the plan can be found here

Steering Committee

Members of the Steering Committee include:



Benigni, Steve

Village of Arden Civic Committee

Bowers, Cooper

DelDOT Office of Planning

Brooke Bovard

Village of Arden Safety Committee

George Taylor

Village of Ardencroft Resident

Grippe, Joe

Village of Ardentown Community Planning Committee

Gruswitz, Ben

Village of Ardencroft Public Works Committee

Larson, Carol

Village of Arden Civic and Forest committees

Meyer, Abigail

Traffic Planning and Design, Inc.

Moon, M.P.

Village of Arden Resident

Politis, Pam

Village of Arden Community Planning Committee

Puszcz, Michelle


Rogers, Matthew

New Castle County Dept. of Land Use

Ryan, Will

Village of Ardentown Community Planning Committee

Scheflen, Janna

Village of Ardentown Public Works and Safety Committee

Smith, Cathy


Swiatek, Bill


Thompson, Jake


Waltermyer, Randy

Traffic Planning and Design, Inc.

Zegeye, Tigist



Steering Committee Meeting and Public Workshop Materials

Additional Reference Materials

Delaware Traffic Calming Design Manual

Informative videos:

Ardens Walkable Community Workshop – August 8, 2022