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 News from the Wilmington Area Planning Council (WILMAPCO)


February 2013 

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All meetings are open to the public. Unless otherwise noted, meetings are held in the WILMAPCO Conference Room.   


In case of inclement weather, please call  (302) 737-6205, or toll free from Cecil County at (888) 808-7088 for cancellations or postponements.    


February 11, 10 a.m. 

February 14, 1 p.m.

February 21, 10 a.m.

WILMAPCO Public Workshop - Transportation Improvement Program

February 24, 4 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Public Advisory Committee
February 25, 7 p.m.


WILMAPCO will be closed on February 18 for President's Day. 


For updates or more information on upcoming WILMAPCO meetings, please visit

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walkerWILMAPCO News

NorthEastTown of North East Transit Oriented Development Plan Draft Concept Unveiled  

WILMAPCO's work with the Town of North East to identify a potential site for a future bus hub and train station continues with a second Public Workshop scheduled for February 13 at the North East Town Hall (106 South Main Street, North East, MD). Attendees can stop by anytime between 4:30 p.m. and 6:30 p.m., or attend the Mayor and Commissioner's meeting at 7 p.m., where a presentation will be given. During the workshop we will be sharing ideas and seeking feedback for two potential Transit Oriented Development (TOD) sites. Site one is located on MD 7 west of MD 272 and site two is located on Rolling Mill Road.  Draft concepts will be shown for both sites. For more information, please visit

TIPComments Sought on Planned Transportation Projects

Public Workshop is scheduled for February 25

The draft FY 2014-2017 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) for New Castle County, Delaware and Cecil County, Maryland shows transportation priorities and planned projects including highway, bus, rail, pedestrian, bicycle and multimodal improvements.  The public comment period will extend through March 7. The public may review and comment on the proposed TIP at a public workshop on Monday, February 25 from 4 to 7 p.m., at WILMAPCO, hosted WILMAPCO and DelDOT. The virtual workshop is online at during the comment period. The draft TIP will also be available at WILMAPCO's office.


Funding shortfalls remain in the region and the draft TIP shows projects deferred based on available revenue and the DelDOT goal to reduce the amount of debt. The draft TIP has had a substantial decrease in funds, containing $1.67 billion in transportation projects from FY 2014-17 as compared to the approved FY 2012-15 TIP that contains $2.47 billion. Three new bridge projects have been added to the draft TIP while funding for a variety of projects is proposed for delay or deletion. Comments on the TIP may be submitted online at, in writing to Wilmington Area Planning Council, 850 Library Avenue, Suite 100, Newark, DE 19703, by fax to 302-737-9584, or by e-mail to


AQComments Sought on WILMAPCO's Air Quality Conformity

Federal requirements mandate that we ensure that transportation projects proposed in our Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) and Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) conform to air quality standards. With the currently proposed projects, in the FY 2014 - 2017 TIP and in the amended 2040 RTP, we found a general decline in transportation emissions through 2035, but then found a slight increase as we near 2040. This is attributable to the implementation of known emission reduction technologies and our ever-increasing Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT). Checking VMT growth through better land-use decisions and promoting alternative transportation would lower emissions now and in the long-term. Public comment is being accepted on our air quality conformity through March 7. A Public Meeting is scheduled on February 25 from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m., at WILMAPCO. For more information, please visit  


BikeParkingBike Parking Webinar Series

WILMAPCO would like to invite you to join us for a four-part webinar series on Bicycle Parking presented by the Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals (APBP). All sessions are held at WILMAPCO, and are free and open to the public.  For more information, visit


Continuing Education Credits: APBP will provide attendance certificates to those who document their professional development hours; each 60-minute webinar provides one hour of training (1 CEU). APBP has applied to the AICP for one Certification Maintenance credit for each webinar; four CM credits total for the series.


Session #1The Basics of Bicycle Parking

Wednesday, January 23, 3 p.m. to 4 p.m.

The first session reviews some of the basic principles of accommodating bicycles in both public and institutional environments. We will review types of parking in current use for both short and long term parking, and describe the conditions and constraints which guide selection of parking strategies and equipment. The session will look globally at the organization of the APBP Bicycle Parking Guidelines and preview future sessions. Topics include core concepts, rack design and desirable features, site planning and innovations.


Encore showing of #1 The Basics of Bicycle Parking

Wednesday, February 27, 2 p.m. to 3 p.m.


Session #2 Municipal Bicycle Parking Programs

Wednesday, February 27, 3 p.m. to 4 p.m.

This session focuses on the application of the basic principles to develop a municipal or regional bicycle parking program. A particular point of the presentation involves the development of an on-street parking program with both sidewalk and high capacity components. The APBP guide to development of codes and policies is discussed, as are funding and delivery methods for public bicycle parking programs. The session also covers differing requirements for residential, civic, commercial and industrial programs and the impact of bike share programs on bicycle parking.


Session #3 Bicycle Parking and Transit

Wednesday, March 13, 3 p.m. to 4 p.m.  

This webinar introduces and describes techniques and programs used by transit agencies to encourage and accommodate high levels of bicycle access to a variety of transit modes. Particular attention will be paid to use of higher security and capacity techniques, including staffed parking, lockers and "in-line" station parking solutions. Forecasting demand will be discussed, as will security and management concerns unique to transit. Bicycle parking will be examined as a means to leverage other transit and bicycle infrastructure development through thoughtfully designed and managed parking programs. The session will also cover design, layout, and management of lockers; bike stations; and adapting bicycle parking to specific transit modes.


Session #4 Institutional and Campus Bicycle Parking Programs

Wednesday, April 10, 3 p.m to 4 p.m.  

The final session looks at how major employment centers and institutions such as hospitals, college campuses and office/industrial centers can meet employee transportation needs both independently and in conjunction with public and transit parking programs. Techniques such as bike rooms and sheds will be examined, as will the impact of proposed bike share facilities on existing bicycle parking capacity. The session includes examples from the University of Washington and Microsoft.


CCBPCecil County Bike Plan is Adopted

After more than a year of planning and an extensive public outreach process the Cecil County Bicycle Plan was adopted by Cecil County on November 27 and WILMAPCO's Council on January 10th. All of the towns in Cecil County have also endorsed the plan as well as the Cecil County Board of Commissioners. The plan will help create a coordinated and integrated bicycle network for both the county and municipalities by identifying a bicycle network to connect cyclists to and within each of the towns and key destinations throughout the county. Public outreach has been a key element in the planning process for the bicycle plan. Input was sought through many advisory committee meetings, public workshops, presentations at town meetings, field worksheets, and public comment forms. Recommended actions include installing pavement markings, roadway restriping, adding signage, and completing some off-road trail connections. The plan also lays out bike safety education, encouragement, and enforcement strategies.  For more information, please visit



bikeMember Agency News


BikeSurveyBicycle and Pedestrian Needs Survey now Available

The Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT) is launching an update of the 20-year Maryland Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan. The Bicycle and Pedestrian Master plan establishes a 20-year vision to support cycling and walking as modes of transportation in Maryland. The Plan will provide guidance and investment strategies to support cycling and walking. A variety of methods will be used to gather public input, including public meetings, an online survey, and this website. In addition, an Advisory Group including representatives of state agencies, local government and citizen representatives will be engaged throughout the planning process. To complete the bicycle and pedestrian needs survey, please visit The survey is designed to help MDOT better understand how people currently use bicycle and pedestrian facilities and what types of improvements are most important.


SeaLevelRisePublic Engagement Sessions on Adapting to Sea Level Rise 

After completing its work last year assessing Delaware's vulnerability to sea level rise, the Sea Level Rise Advisory Committee has developed a list of potential options that could improve our state's ability to prepare for and respond to sea level rise. These ideas, called Adaptation Capacity Building Options, will be available for public discussion and comment at public engagement sessions this February. Each public engagement session will feature informative presentations, displays staffed by subject matter experts and committee members, and opportunities for you to provide your comments and feedback.


Potential capacity building options as well as session presentations and displays can be reviewed online at Comments may be submitted at each engagement session, or until March 14, or by email to


The New Castle County engagement session will be held:

Tuesday, February 19, 4 p.m. to 7 p.m.
New Castle Middle School
Auditorium and Lobby

903 Delaware Street
New Castle, DE 19720


For more information about sea level rise or to read the Delaware Sea Level Rise Vulnerability Assessment and review the vulnerability maps, please go to


RoundaboutNew DelDOT Roundabout Video 

The Delaware Department of Transportation (DelDOT) has produced an educational video to highlight the benefits of roundabouts. The purpose of this video is to educate the public on the benefits of roundabouts and provide testimonials from Delaware citizens who have experienced the benefits of driving through Delaware's roundabouts. To view the video, please visit



trainLocal News 


UFMPWilmington Urban Forest Master Plan - Public Meeting  

The Wilmington Tree Commission and the City of Wilmington  Public Works Department invite you to a public meeting on Tuesday, February 12, from 5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m., at the Delaware Center for Horticulture, 1810 North Dupont Street, Wilmington.  


Attendees will review the Urban Forest Master Plan and provide input for the vision, goals, and recommendations that were identified at a public stakeholders meeting held in December.  For more information, please contact Mandy Tolino, Wilmington Urban Forest Administrator, at, or 302-576-2582. More information on city trees can be found on the city's website at


NewarkCity of Newark kicks off an Anti-idling Campaign
According to a DNREC press release, "Federal, state, city, and school officials gathered at Newark High School to kick off a citywide anti-idling awareness campaign for cleaner air, better health, and savings at the gas pump. Newark Mayor Vance Funk was joined by DNREC Secretary Collin O'Mara, and other officials to announce the campaign, which was created to promote awareness of Newark's anti-idling ordinance. Passed in 2009, the ordinance restricts idling of personal motor vehicles within city limits."  For more information on Newark's anti-idling ordinance and campaign, please visit To watch the City of Newark's anti-idling video, please visit



car graphicNational News


WebinarPlanning and Environmental Linkages for Historic Preservation Webinar

The Federal Highway Administration's (FHWA) Office of Project Development and Environmental Review will host a webinar on February 13, from 1 p.m. to 2:30 p.m., to present results of a recent nationwide study to identify best practices for integrating planning and environmental review for projects affecting historic resources. For more information, please visit

LaHoodU.S. Transportation Secretary LaHood Announces That He Will Not Serve for a Second Term

According to a U.S. DOT press release, Secretary Ray LaHood has announced that after serving for four years in President Obama's Cabinet, he will not be staying on for the second term. In an email to U.S. DOT employees the Secretary wrote, "I have let President Obama know that I will not serve a second term as Secretary of the U.S. Department of Transportation. It has been an honor and a privilege to lead the Department, and I am grateful to President Obama for giving me such an extraordinary opportunity. I plan to stay on until my successor is confirmed to ensure a smooth transition for the Department and all the important work we still have to do."  For more information, please visit


TaxTransportation Transit Benefit

One of the tax provisions included in the American Tax Payer Relief Act restores the parity between employees who drive to work and those who use public transportation. The provision extends the transit benefit through 2013 and retroactively into 2012. For more information, please visit


MalePedMale Pedestrians More Likely to Die in Car Crashes
According to a December 14th Wired article, "New research shows that male pedestrians who are struck by cars are more than twice as likely to die from their injuries as their female counterparts. The study, conducted by Dr. Motao Zhu of the West Virginia University School of Public Health, analyzed traffic data from 2008 and 2009 and found that male pedestrians are 2.3 times more likely to die after being hit by a vehicle. Though further study is necessary to pinpoint exact causes, but Zhu already has a hypothesis. Though they're walking the same amount as female pedestrians, males are engaging in riskier behavior that leads them to receive more severe injuries with a greater risk of fatality."  For more information, please visit


DiabetesStudy: Diabetes More Common in Non-Walkable Neighborhoods

According to a September 18th Medical News Today article, "Whether or not your neighborhood is good for walking around could influence your risk for diabetes. A new study published in Diabetes Care, defined a 'less walkable' neighborhood as having fewer places within a 10-minute walk, poorly connected streets, and lower residential density. New immigrants in these types of neighborhoods were 50 percent more likely to develop diabetes in contrast to long-term residents living in walkable areas. Immigrants in low-income neighborhoods were also at a greater risk."  For more information, please visit

TransitThe Benefits of Public Transportation
According to an article in the Augusta Free Press, "The benefits of making a major commitment to building up and efficiently managing a larger and more comprehensive public transit network are many. Switching to public transit for a typical 20-mile round trip commute would decrease a commuter's annual greenhouse gas emissions by some 4,800 pounds a year, which is equal to about a 10 percent reduction in a two-car household's carbon footprint.  To view the source article, please visit


InrixINRIX Introduces the Industry's First Global Parking Navigation Service

According to a January 7th INRIX press release, "INRIX, a leading international provider of traffic information and driver services, launched the industry's first parking navigation service. INRIX Parking provides the current cost to park, real-time information on the number of available spaces, and detailed location information. Experts estimate drivers searching for a parking space accounts for 30 percent of all urban traffic congestion. INRIX Parking solves this problem by helping drivers quickly identify and navigate to the entrance of their preferred parking location most convenient to their destination." For more information, please visit

FTAFTA Opens the Door For More Transit Expansions to Receive Federal Funding
According the DC Streetsblog, "One of the most important federal transit programs has undergone a makeover, and transit advocates are cheering the results. The Federal Transit Administration (FTA) released new evaluation criteria for transit projects vying for funds from the New Starts and Small Starts programs. These two programs dispensed a total of $2 billion last year, providing roughly half the funding for transit expansions in the U.S. Previously, the FTA relied heavily on 'travel time savings' to judge the merits of a project. The new formula will focus instead on the number of passengers expected to be served. Economic benefits like the impact on development will also be considered"  To view the source article, please visit  


About Us
The Wilmington Area Planning Council (WILMAPCO) is the regional transportation planning agency for New Castle County, Delaware and Cecil County, Maryland. As the federally designated Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO), WILMAPCO is charged with planning and coordinating transportation investments for the region based on federal policy, local input, technical analysis, and best practices.  For more information, please visit our website at


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