SR 141 20 Year Transportation and Land Use Plan


The New Castle County Department of Land Use, Delaware Department of Transportation (DelDOT) and WILMAPCO are conducting a planning study about the future of transportation and land use development in the Route 141 corridor. The Route 141 corridor is a major arterial which links City of New Castle to US 202/I-95 near Blue Ball.  In many ways the road functions as a western beltway of Wilmington serving local and regional trips with several other arterials intersecting, including: Kirkwood Highway (SR 2), Concord Pike (US 202) and Lancaster Pike (SR 48). Land uses vary along the corridor with a mix of residential, neighborhood shopping centers, large corporate offices and institutions, including a regional hospital. While much of the land adjacent to the roadway is developed, there is a significant amount of development nearby that is recorded but not yet built.

Objectives of the Plan:

  • Identify key issues, challenges, and opportunities for developing alternative transportation and land use approaches that enhance mobility, safety, quality of life, and economic vitality
  • Develop innovative approaches to managing congestion and growth
  • Address near and long term solutions that support alternative travel mode options, travel demand management, and integration of sustainable transportation and land use planning
  • Seek options and alternatives for promoting sustainable patterns of development
  • Develop an annual corridor monitoring implementation plan

The outcome of this process will be a consensus-based plan which will guides transportation and land use policy for the corridor over the next twenty years. Consensus building and establishment of stakeholder support is a key element in this process.

Materials from the May 25, 2016 Public Meeting:

Materials from the October 20, 2015 Information Session:

Materials from the June 17, 2015 Information Session:

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