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12th Street Connector Transportation Improvement Study

The Wilmington Initiatives partners (City of Wilmington, DelDOT, DART, WILMAPCO) are finalizing a transportation planning study to connect 12th Street from I-495 to the Brandywine Waterfront and the 16th Street Bridge.


January 7, 2019 Workshop Materials – Current Conditions

 June 25, 2018 Workshop Materials

Wilmington’s EPA Study Materials

Alternatives Analysis and Improvements

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The purpose of this study is to create a reimagined 12th Street corridor utilizing new transportation patterns that generate economic growth and provide more efficient and multi-modal connections for people to access the area. The transportation investments can also incorporate community enhancements and green infrastructure to help beautify the neighborhood and reduce flood risk.


  • Improve access to the Wilmington Central Business District (CBD) and the Brandywine Riverfront
  • Improve Multi-Modal Network Linkages, including pedestrian, bicycle, and transit amenities
  • Improve local traffic operations
  • Support economic development and job creation
  • Re-route freight outside of communities
  • Improve corridor aesthetics and environmental sustainability with beautification and green infrastructure


This study will include an engineering feasibility analysis to determine the best possible alignment and design that is beneficial to the community, limits impacts to sensitive environmental resources, and is cost effective. In addition to traffic and accessibility improvements, the project will incorporate solutions that address factors such as:

  • Missing sidewalks, ramps, and safe road crossings, particularly around bus stops;
  • Combined stormwater drainage and sewer systems with potential for sewage overflows;
  • Floodplains and the risk of flash flooding;
  • Aging infrastructure that has fallen into disrepair;
  • Possibility of abandoned underground infrastructure, such as unmarked utilities and foundations from demolished structures; and
  • Cleaning up areas with potential contamination from previous industrial uses


WILMAPCO’s 12th Street Connector Project is occurring simultaneously with the City of Wilmington’s Northeast Wilmington Areawide Plan for waterfront redevelopment in the same area. Both planning studies will be completed in Spring of 2019. WILMAPCO’s 12th Street Connector project schedule is:

  • April 2018 – Project Initiation
  • Spring 2018 – Assess Existing Conditions, Opportunities, and Constraints
  • June 25, 2018 – Community Visioning Public Workshop
  • Summer 2018 – Develop Conceptual Alternatives
  • September 2018 – Public Meeting to Review Potential Design Alternatives
  • Fall 2018 – Develop and refine a Preferred Alternative, Cost Estimate, and Identify Potential Environmental Impacts and Mitigation Strategies
  • December 2018 – Draft Report Complete
  • January 2019 – Public Meeting to Review the Preferred Alternative and Draft Report
  • Winter 2019 – Refine the Preferred Alternative and prepare a Final Plan
  • March 2019 – Finalize Plan and Prepare for Next Steps.

Next Steps

After the study is complete, the next steps will include:

  • Secure Project Funding from federal, state, and local transportation funding sources
  • Update Regional and State Transportation Plans to include this project
  • Initiate Preliminary Design and Environmental Permitting
  • Coordinate other related infrastructure upgrades and local redevelopment opportunities
  • Develop final plans for the 12th Street Connector
  • Project construction

For additional questions, please contact: Dave Gula at (302)737-6205 or email